Mérida Tours - Cooking experience

Cooking Class

at Casa Lecanda Boutique hot

Experience a unique Chef-driven cooking class while enjoying a refreshing tamarindo Margarita at Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel. The course introduces you to the emblematic ingredients of the Yucatan Peninsula and the récipes, to reproduce some of its most known dishes. Discover the world famous Cochinita Pibil, home-made corn tortilla, and how to incorporate Habanero into the menu.

This hands-on activity is engaging for couples and groups alike, and an entertaining way to discover Yucatan’s diverse flavors, spices and culture.

Cooking Class Boutique Hotel

+ Visit to the market

Accompanied by our Chef, you will start the day by visiting a traditional market of the city, the best place to buy ingredients to prepare the delicacies of Yucatecan dishes.

In this guided tour of the market you will know and taste the natural products of the región to discover and create a unique and incomparable menu.

The Chef will give you a brief explanation of the menu and the steps to prepare it. Once your authentic meal is ready, enjoy your dishes in Casa Lecanda’s elegant and traditional dining room.

Mérida Tours - Cocina
Mérida Tours - Cooking Class

Cooking Class

+ Melipona bee honey tasting

Honey acts directly on the harmony of our biological balance. Did you
know that there are +20,000 species of bees in the world?
Melipona Beecheii bees do not sting. They produce between 1 and 2 liters of honey per year and their honey is recognized for its medicinal properties and have an important relationship with the
Mayan culture.

A multisensory  experience, taste the flavors of different varieties of honey, learn and reflect on how we can contribute to our ecosystem.

Chocolate Workshop

Cacao and the Mayan culture have been intertwined through time, they enjoyed cacao not only as a beverage, the mayas revered cacao as a sacred food of the gods calling it Ka’Kau.

In this class you will learn the origins, the new generation of chocolatiers and the preparation, from the extraction of the bean to the tablet in a practical and artisanal workshop.


+ Chocolate Tasting

Right on Oaxaca´s heart located on the valley and mountains an ancient Mexican tradition rises, the Mezcal distillation, through decades, the Mezcal Guardians from this region have produced this unique and emblematic beverage, pride and passion of their homeland, enjoy the tasting of three different kind of mezcal, learn about the revival of mezcal culture by the hand of experts, plus pair the flavors with the exotic complements such chocolate, salts and fruits.

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