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On this tour, you will be able to observe beautiful buildings such as the Plaza Mayor, the San Ildefonso Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Casa de Montejo, the Municipal Palace, the Nun´s Church,  Paseo de Montejo with historic buildings from the beginning of the XX century with a marked French influence, as well as the monument to the Homeland or the Flag.

You will have time to visit craft and souvenir shops, as well as taste the traditional sorbets with more than 100 years of tradition. We will visit the “Great Museum of the Mayan World”. We will finish the tour in a typical restaurant where you can experience the delicious dishes of the local cuisine.

Duration: 6 hours
Monday to Sunday

Archaeological area of Aké

Magic town of Izamal +

Upon arriving in Izamal, you will immediately be enchanted by the yellow and white facades on all houses of town. In this lively city, we will visit the Convent of San Antonio de Padua, a majestic construction dating back to the 16th century.

The atrium of the convent is considered the largest in America. The trip also includes a visit to the local workshops of artisans and a meal in a typical restaurant where you will enjoy the delights of Yucatecan cuisine but firs, we will visit Aké; In this Mayan archeological site of concentric walls, you will find several well-preserved architectural complexes such as the Palace in several construction stages.

Duration: 8 hours
Monday to Sunday

Hacienda viva

Sotuta de peón

On this tour you can visit a Live Hacienda. There, you can have a real idea of what was previously a fully  operational  Henequen  Hacienda.

Visitors  literally travel in time transported on wooden platforms called “Trucks” which are pulled by “mules” on rails, as originally used by workers. They will visit an authentic “Casa Maya”. You will also have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of a cenote.

Duration: 6 hours
Monday to Sunday

Becal Campeche

San Francisco of Campeche +

Becal is a population with Mayan traditions and cultures where you can see neoclassical  constructions  and  two-access  oval  floor  huts.  The  town  has  a beautiful square where a monument stands out in the form of three hats that are the symbol of Becal’s craft activity. This is because the famous jipi or palm hats are manufactured here.

Later we will visit the capital of Campeche, San Francisco de Campeche known as the “Walled city”; a colonial jewel with colonial architecture, in it you can live a unique experience touring the historical center in which it keeps the whole history of pirate attacks, you will see the walls that were built

Duration: 8 hours
Monday to Sunday

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